Shock Proof Divorce by Jeff J. Horn, Esq.

Jeff J. Horn is a practicing divorce lawyer, licensed in New York and New
Jersey and Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law
Attorney. He is also a regular guy who cares what happens to you and your

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There is ample information about the emotional, financial, and mechanistic aspects of divorce, and lawyers, judges, and other professionals who offer sophisticated advice to the divorcing parties, yet people are shocked by both the process and the results of divorce. Jeff Horn's goal is to eliminate surprise from the divorce process. In Shock Proof Divorce, Jeff Horn offers an honest and bare-knuckled view of the divorce process and its
players. Within the pages you will find examples of what actually happens during a divorce. This book helps you anticipate the issues that will send you angrily off track and offers targeted solutions to your potential problems. Shock Proof Divorce will help you reduce process anger, exercise self-determination and achieve net-dollar results.

Soft Cover – 158 pages

Price $19.95 + 4.00 S&H = $23.95



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