Pilgrimage Within: Contemplations of a Lifelong Activist by John P. Egan

Jack Egan was ordained a priest in May 1960. After three years at St Francis of Sales in Lodi, NJ, his request to work in Honduras, Central America was granted by the archbishop of his diocese. He spent two years in Honduras and one half year in San Meguelito, an experimental parish in Panama. Ordered back to his Newark, NJ Archdiocese, Jack then spent nearly 20 years in an inner city parish in downtown Jersey City, NJ, working with mostly Latino people. During that time he engaged in numerous non-violent activities concerning justice and peace. His book titled, Baptism of Resistance, Blood and Celebration, written with Paul D. Colford, then of Newsday, and published by Twenty Third Publications, Mystic, CT, recounts many stories surrounding that non-violent activity. Jack dedicated that book “to the mestizo children of Honduras – who woke me up out of a deep, dead slumber – so I could truly live.”

That awakening begun in Honduras led Jack to begin also to write articles critical of some church teachings, especially its hierarchical structure, its injustices and its disparagement of women and sexuality. As a result of these writings, after 25 years of priesthood, he was ordered by church hierarchy to leave the priesthood.

He was ready to do so and disassociated himself from that hierarchical structure in April 1985. His subsequent book, A Priest Forever and No More, published by Barbara Truncelito’s Fragile Twilight Press, Barnegat, NJ, describes that very traumatic parting. The present book, Pilgrimage Within: Contemplations of a Lifelong Activist, reveals his further awakening.

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