Hieroglyphics of the Heart  by Susan Marc Lawley

Dr. Susan Marc Lawley is a leadership and life coach, award-winning entrepreneur and inspiring writing instructor.  Since 2001, Sue has fashioned her own MFA by attending workshops and master classes with notable poets and writers in stunning locations around the United States.

In 2008, Sue launched Sisters-in-Script, a non-profit organization devoted to the professional and personal development of women writers.  Sisters in Script offers writing programs and networking events for women who love to labor with words.  Three times a year, Sue offers her Keepsake Conversations workshop in which participants bring a treasured memento or family heirloom and write about the object using a six-part model she developed.  Since 2009, Sisters-in-Script has awarded an annual grant to support an author who wishes to self-publish her debut manuscript.  Information about workshops or applications for the self-publishing grant can be obtained by emailing Sue at sistersinscript@comcast.net

Sue lives in New Jersey with her husband Bob and their dog, Oreo.

Hieroglyphics are beautiful, fascinating, enduring images.  So too are the poems in Sue Lawley’s well-crafted Hieroglyphics of the Heart.  In this debut collection, the author excavates generations of family stories and decodes the universal messages and emotions they hold.
Molly’s Daughter: A Three Generation Story Exploring – What Do Women Really Want?

Soft cover – 122 pages


Price - $15.00 + 4.00 S&H = $19.00



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