1. I have written a book, how do I get it published?

There are many ways to pursue publishing your book.  You can hire an agent, become a self-publisher, contract with a vanity publisher, or you may want to take advantage of Arseya’s Custom Publishing Program which offers a customized solution that is just right for you.

  1. What is Arseya’s Custom Publishing Program?

Arseya’s unique Custom Publishing Program offers solutions that are completely customized, including only the elements the individual author needs.  Services range from printing only to providing any or all of the following: ISBN assignment and listing in Bowker’s Books-In-Print, copyright filing, Library of Congress catalogue information filing, editing, cover design, layout design, and printing.

  1. Who owns the rights to my book?

Using Arseya's Custom Publishing Program, you the author, retain all rights to your book.

  1. I’m a photographer, do you publish photography books?

Yes.  Arseya has experience publishing books of photography.  We also publish poetry, children’s books, text books, coffee-table books, and of course, fiction and non-fiction. 

  1. What kind of editing support is available?

Arseya’s editors review your book and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, proper language usage, and typographical errors.  We do not make changes to content.

  1. What about cover and inside page design?

Arseya offers design support for inside pages and custom cover design.  Two concepts are presented for you to choose from for both the text layout and the cover.  For the cover, we take your ideas into consideration, since most authors have a cover image in mind.

  1. What can I expect to pay to get my book published?

The cost varies dependent upon what services you utilize as well as how many books you want printed. 

  1. What kind of binding is available?

Arseya offers 3 types of book binding: 

-  For poetry chapbooks that are less than 100 pages, saddle stitching is recommended.
-  For most books, the common binding is a paperback ‘perfect’ binding. 
-  Hardcover stitched binding is also available, but of course, it is more expensive. A full color dust cover adds the finishing touch for an elegant solution

  1. How many copies of my book can I get printed?

For saddle stitched books, you can print as few as 100.
In a perfect bound ‘paperback’ format, you can print from 250, to 500, 1000 or more.  The more you print, the lower the per book printing cost.

  1.  I am a self-publisher, can I just get my book printed?

Yes.  Since Arseya’s services are unbundled, you can submit a print-ready file of cover and text and we can print for you.  If you need editing or design support, it is also available.

  1. How does Arseya help me market my book?

If you choose, Arseya will include your book in the Arseya Book Store, with ‘look inside’ features and PayPal purchasing flexibility.

We will also give you instructions on how to get your book on Amazon.com or you can choose to have Arseya set it up.  If you choose, Arseya will include you book in Baker & Taylor distribution and set it up on BarnesandNoble.com.

  1. How will anyone find my book on Arseya’s website?

You can set up a website domain name of your name or book title and link it to your book in Arseya’s Book Store. Your customers get direct access including the purchasing flexibility of utilizing Arseya’s PayPal connection.

  1. Can I actually talk to a real person, or is everything done over email or voice mail?

Arseya is a Custom Publisher and is run by real people, not talking heads.  We recognize that publishing a book is a very important and personal endeavor, and we want every author’s book to be a source of pride and joy for them.  That can only be accomplished through personal contact. Contact Us.



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