Poetic Justice: Writing for Health and Emotional Freedom

Arseya’s Poetic Justice program focuses on writing about trauma to relieve physical chronic pain and chronic disease symptoms through relieving stress and emotional distress.  
The essence of this program is to gain an understanding of how chronic stress and negative emotions can be physically destructive, of the mind-body connection and the physiological processes that occur in our bodies related to stress and emotions, and then how to use therapeutic writing as a healing tool to get past the symptom to the deeply buried cause. 

We start the program by establishing a base-line, your HQ – Health Quotient™.  There is a correlation between how much time is spent under chronic stress and in a negative emotional state and our health.  Negative emotions leading to poor health may become a vicious cycle, or downward spiral. We use the Arseya TEA-Factor – Time Emotion Assessment Factor™ in conjunction with ethical behavior screening using our unique EBQ-Ethical Behavior Quotient™ and correlate this information to your completed health questionnaire to determine your HQ – Health Quotient™.  You then embark on a program of understanding the brain, mind, physiology, and memory and an individual journey of remembering and writing.

Writing is a way to claim your own voice.  It can be an effective method of treatment for many ailments: mental, emotional and physical.  If psychological health is improved through the use of writing, healing may take place prior to serious physical damage. Writing, and specifically writing poetry, facilitates the breaking through from the unconscious, and allows healing to begin.

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