Personal Development

Arseya’s Personal Development, Coaching and Consulting program includes an assessment of the amount of time you spend in a negative emotional state using our  TEA-Factor – Time Emotion Assessment Factor™ and ethical behavior screening using our unique EBQ – Ethical Behavior Quotient™.  This information is correlated to determine your HQ – Health Quotient™.  The total assessment process helps you reaffirm who you are and what you stand for and assists you in reviewing your goals and ambitions as well as improving your health and happiness. 

Learn to embrace change through the Arseya Change Process™.  Learn to incorporate who you are into what you do.  The tools you are provided with can be used throughout your life to help you:

  • become centered and open to choice and change

  • find and foster your true nature

  • bring yourself and those around you health, harmony and happiness

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